Newbie With A Graph

My initial goal this time around in Eve Online is to not pay the subscription fee with money out of my own pocket. That means buying Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) with the in game currency, ISK. A single PLEX, as of this posting, goes for somewhere in the ballpark of 600 million ISK. I came to the conclusion the most feasible way to wrangle up that kind of cash in a month is to play the market.

Price History graph in the Eve Online market tab.

I have no prior experience trading in Eve Online. During my past stints I never invested in trade skills, nor did I play the market. I was content to buy what was needed and to sell the excess.

Next I will showcase my day-to-day progress and lessons learned tackling station trading in Rens.


  1. I’ve always been interested in playing the Eve market as a career. I have gone as far as placing buy orders in Jita for ammo, then when it fills, sell it for more. I never gave trading enough attention to get rich, but one of these days if/when I get burnt out again, I may give trading a legit shot. I’m interested to read about your experiences.

    You’re really gonna need to give some trade skills some love before you get heavy into it. It’ll affect your ability to put more buy/sell orders up, and reduce taxes and fees, which all reflect on your bottom line. Good luck!

    1. I have looked at the Trade skills and can see how they would influence the bottom line. I have only invested in a few at the moment; I am focused on establishing my baseline skills as to be more well rounded in the basics first. Just testing the waters in Rens to see if I have a knack/love for trading.

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