Three Days Of “Modify Order”

This time around in Eve Online I created a new character. Reviving a past character would gain me a month of skills but that is not much in the long run. I wanted to be station trading in Rens as quick as possible so I chose Minmatar due to the starting system being only a handful of jumps away.

In order to begin trading I needed some starting capital and the meager amount of ISK you start off with would not cut it. I opted to follow the tutorial profession arcs (which I had done before) to collect the ISK and material rewards as well as the skillbooks they grant. I did not complete all of them, but started off with the Industrial arc which in my previous stints was my go to profession in Eve. I followed industry up with the Business arc and finished off the Military arc for my Rifter.

I finished the tutorials with 1.5 million ISK; a minuscule amount but enough to start the ball rolling.

Day 1: Quick & Dirty Research

Without a lot ISK to bankroll my trading I needed items with a quick turnaround. Ideal products would give me a great profit (calculated as a percentage of the cost) along with steady turnover. I found what I was looking for after looking over the market for twenty or so minutes. I also invested in one “big ticket” item that had similar profits but I would be unable to buy in similar amounts to the smaller “bulk” items. Big ticket sales would allow me to invest more in the bulk items quicker.

  • Bulk Item 1: generating 100% profit
  • Bulk Item 2: generating 250% profit
  • Big Ticket: generating 200% profit

Given that I was watching football all day I was able to check and update my orders hourly.

Day 1 End: 3.6 million ISK (140% profit)

Day 2: 0.01 ISK Warring

  • Bulk Item 1: both buy orders and sell orders moving consistently
  • Bulk Item 2: fierce competition among buyers leads to stock shortages
  • Big Ticket: lights out success, aggressive pricing with sell orders generates turnover

Since I work a fulltime job I am unable to compete with others buying Bulk Item 2, the 0.01 ISK pricing wars with buy orders gets updated with greater frequency than I can hold steady against.

Raise your competition by 0.01 ISK

Day 2 End: 9.0 million ISK (150% profit)

Day 3: Building Supply

  • Bulk Item 1: both buy and sell orders still moving well
  • Bulk Item 2: competition still stifling sales
  • Big Ticket: creating a large reserve of stock to sell before moving on to bigger items.

The 0.01 ISK game among buy orders is still killing any profit to be gained from Bulk Item 2 however Bulk Item 1 continues to move consistently. I have created a decent stockpile of my Big Ticket item that I plan on selling in bulk to boost capital to enable moving into more items to trade.

Day 3 End: 15.3 million ISK (70% profit)

Up next: when markets crash and an update on skill training. Also newbie League of Legends.

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