Profit Collapse

So far it has been going well despite that I have not been playing much, between the holidays, work and other entertainment. I have made keeping up with my slice of the market my top priority in Eve.

I invested money into a few more products however I also lost one item due to the profit margin collapsing. Someone raised the price of their buy orders in a dramatic fashion, a 180% increase.

Profit Collapse

I think the idea behind raising buy orders that high would be to utilize the overpriced orders to start building a large stockpile before buying out all the current sell orders. Once the market has been bought out begin posting sell orders at much higher price, increasing profit. This would also corner the market until more traders post sell orders. I would call it short term cornering.

This is more napkin analysis than anything definitive and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Week 1 End: 71 million ISK

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