BioShock Infinite: 1999 Mode

I played my first time through BioShock Infinite on Hard. It took me a few days due to juggling work and playing WoW at the same time. My second time through was on Easy as I was showing a friend of mine the game (he’s one of the “I would rather watch” kind of gamers now) and we only had a limited amount of time to get through it. I finished the game in two sittings without ever dying once.

Now for next time through I am about to start 1999 Mode. For those of you who don’t know it’s a more punishing version of the hardest difficulty: enemies hit harder, stronger penalty for dying. I will also be doing the Scavenger Hunt achievement (never use a vending machine to restore health and ammo). I’m doing that now since I have limited time, The Last of Us comes out in two weeks!


The last thing I need to decide is if I should record myself playing 1999 Mode + Scavenger Hunt.

One comment

  1. Recording it could be an excellent opportunity to show off the game at its most difficult. Let’s hope it’s not nail-bitingly frustrating, though. That doesn’t usually make for good entertainment.

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