Four Years: Part 2

Part 1

I moved to Hawaii in August, 2008, stationed on Oahu with the US Navy. Once my job qualifications were completed I scheduled a consultation for orthodontic treatment. The dental clinic made me an appointment to see a doctor at Makalapa, the clinic at Pearl Harbor. After his examination he determined that I had a case and could see an orthodontist for evaluation. The only military orthodontists on the island are seen through Tripler Army Medical Center.

The orthodontist examined me and made the decision as to whether orthodontic treatment was necessary or cosmetic. This would determine whether the Navy would pay for my orthodontic treatment or if I would have to pay out of pocket. He decided that it was necessary due to my jaw dislocating and the quality of life improvement if my teeth and bite were corrected. May, 2009 I was fitted for my bands and began an almost two year process of shifting my teeth.

My initial orthodontic treatment focused on closing the gaps and pulling my front teeth back into my mouth. They also rotated a few of my teeth so they lined up with the rest of my bite. This took about a year and half of adjustments to my wires, but overall it was smooth sailing. My doctor and dental assistants were great about letting me know what was happening and explaining everything.

Part 3

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