The Last Of Us: The Quarantine Zone

Martial LawThe game picks up Joel again twenty years after the outbreak when he now calls the Boston quarantine zone home. We also meet his business partner Tess, looking a little worse for wear. Life in the quarantine zone is not cushy as martial law is enforced, with military check points and ration cards. A black market for goods, be it food or weapons, is evident as Joel and Tess serve as smugglers into and out of the Boston QZ. Appears a man named Robert is giving them some trouble, as a shipment of their guns has gone missing, and he seems to have tried to kill Tess.

Enemies introduced are regular humans and runners, the first type of infected. Combat against humans in this chapter is pretty straight forward as most of them are on guard patrols. If you stay quiet and use stealth kills you shouldn’t waste many bullets. Dealing with the first three runners you meet is straight forward as one of them is easy to stealth kill and fisticuffs will finish off the other two.

I appreciate how this chapter is set up, serving as a more thorough introduction to the setting and the general game play mechanics, as it should. It also develops Joel and Tess’s post-apocalyptic survivor mentality and by the chapter’s end it is quite clear that these two will do anything to survive.


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