Four Years: From Bad To Worse

Part 4

April 15th, 2011This picture is from three days after the surgery. Despite the bloodstains I was told to leave the bandage on my chin in place. The swelling in the lower half of my face had increased a lot, but at this point there were still no visible bruises.

If you look at my bottom lip you can see that all the the damage done to my lips during surgery is beginning to heal. My left side, right in the photo, was a disgusting mess. That scab was torn, on accident of course, multiple times because of the location and how awkward  it was to work around it.

That’s not the worst part though. Remember, my mouth is held closed and all of the surgical procedures were done using incisions cut into my mouth. Those incisions were stitched shut and the healing process was working its magic inside my mouth as well. While it didn’t hurt due to my being numb from my eyes down I could still taste things.

I could taste my mouth rotting as dead tissue sloughed off inside. It’s why I’m thankful they gave me narcotics like oxycodone. Not for pain suppression, since I was numb there was little pain to begin with. No, it kept me medicated so I didn’t have to experience my mouth rotting as it healed with a complete and rational mind. Just the thought of that still gives me the shivers when I think about it. My mouth was bound shut, there was no spitting that junk out as it sloughed off.

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