Four Years: Balloons

4 Years

April 17th, 2011I took this picture minutes after I woke up. My doctors told me not to sleep on my side during my recovery and this picture is why. If you look at my right side the swelling is unreal.

Sight from that eye was almost gone, obscured by my cheek. I guess the pressure from sleeping on that slide caused the swelling. I had done a my best to follow the doctor’s orders but I have a hard time sleeping on my back.

It wasn’t until a year later that I figured out how to sleep on my back. I still prefer sleeping on my side, but if I ever need to again, I know how. For anyone else, do this: place a pillow under the hip of the side you sleep on, or sleep on a couch with the back of it next to that side. This will feel more natural to you, as though you were on your side.

I hope that helps someone, it would have been a life saver.


    1. I need to clarify all this, since I’m confusing people. These photos are from two years ago, I’m just telling the story now since everything is done now.

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