Four Years: Speech!

Part 4

April 28th, 2011This photo was taken on April 28th, 2011, which brings us up to sixteen days post surgery. By now I could speak and be understood, though no where near the speed and ease I could before. I had to take my time with it. Plus I would still swell up if I slept on my side but not as bad as it was before. Over all my recovery was looking good across the board.

The numbness in my face was beginning to decrease in gradual increments, no longer reaching from my chin to my zygomatic bones. Instead it began to almost work its way down toward where the more intensive surgery took place. It felt almost as though the numbness was “draining” in slow motion down my face. Both my lips were still numb however, which was about as awkward as you can imagine.

The drooling was starting to cease as well. That alone would have been enough to keep me happy. The rest was a bonus.

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