The Last Of Us: Bill’s Town

After leaving The Outskirts of Boston Ellie and Joel are headed to pay a friend of Joel’s a visit, Bill. He lives in what was once Lincoln, now better known as Bill’s Town. This is also Ellie’s first time ever seeing natural wilderness, having lived her entire life inside the Boston Quarantine Zone.

Bill's Town

It becomes apparent that Bill is a paranoid maniac who has booby trapped his town at every corner. You can’t blame the guy that much, he does live on his own outside the Quarantine Zone. Appropriate precautions have to be taken. That also means that Joel and Ellie have to work their way through his maze of defenses without alerting infected to their presence. Easier said than done when Joel ends up on the wrong end of one of Bill’s snare traps.

This is the first area I noticed my panicking over the slightest of sounds, whether it was ambient noise or Joel climbing something. In retrospect I did that before in earlier sections but it wasn’t at the forefront as much. With the not so claustrophobic feel of Bill’s Town (compared to The Outskirts) it was eerie how empty it was. I was waiting for infected, stalkers to be precise, to be lurking in every corner. Yet there wasn’t, which made navigating the alleys and rooftops of Bill’s Town just that much more unnerving. The tension goes off with a bang with the snare trap, where both Joel and Ellie are panicking right along with me as the player as infected swarm toward the site.

Snare Trap

Bill makes his appearance and the three escape without serious injury. Turns out Joel wants a favor from Bill: a working vehicle. It means crawling their through the infected half of Bill’s Town, where Bill doesn’t roam anymore. The lesson I learned from this one is not to be a resource hog. I was having trouble dealing with numerous clickers and sneaking by them wasn’t working out as well I would have hoped. Frustrated I just went all out on them with everything I had: molotovs, shotgun, nail bombs, and of a course of a trusty brick and pipe combination. It worked like a charm. From then on I was a little less conservative with my supplies because for the frustration wasn’t worth the potential benefit of hoarding my resources. Plus there are always bricks and bottles around.

I will say this though: if you can make it past infected without raising an alarm then do it as it will save you a world of hurt. But don’t slam your head into a wall trying to sneak by every infected in the game. Sometimes you just have to kill some zombies the old fashioned way.

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