Four Years: Quiet Work Days

Part 4

May 16th, 2011My mom flew back to New Hampshire on May 3rd, 2011.  This photo was taken on May 16th, which is a month and a few days post surgery. My convalescence from work had ended the day before which explains why my hair is no longer quite so out of control. The splint and rubber bands were still in my mouth though, but those were due to come off soon.

While I could speak it was too quiet for easy communication at work since I could only open my mouth so far. That led to quiet days at work, which was fine with me since I had plenty to catch up on since I had been gone for the past month.

Since I had a lot more practice opening my mouth I could keep it open for longer. It grew more difficult the longer I kept it open, since I was fighting the force of the rubber bands. Now I could drink with a straw without having to tuck it back by my molars. Another simple thing that was normal again.

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