Killzone Shadow Fall: Fallen City

I enjoy this game. While the controls are questionable at times, the game play mediocre and the voice acting atrocious it is a gorgeous game with beautiful set pieces. The story falls flat sometimes but there are hints of potential all the way through. There are also snippets of interesting game play such as encounters inside a derelict spaceship approaching a nearby star which yields some unique interaction with a melting spaceship. Some good, some bad but overall I enjoy it.

Except one part.

Chapter 8 brings you back to Helghan, free falling through a collapsing city. Why a city is collapsing around your ears is hand waved away. I try not to critique designers too much, since it’s their job to create games that people enjoy. Plus I don’t know, maybe someone does enjoy this part.

But I do believe whoever designed the first section of Chapter 8 should be reprimanded or fired. There isĀ nothing fun about flying through a city with minimal control trying to dodge buildings. If you live more than ten seconds without a frustrating splat against a wall, restarting the sequence droning music and all, consider it a minor miracle. Never mind the fact that you have to fly through this maze of idiocy for nearly a minute before Killzone goes back to being a proper shooter.

I almost gave up on completing this game due to this section.

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