Facebook Messenger And You

Everyone losing their mind over the supposed privacy invasion from the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and Android has been driving me a bit crazy. The articles you’re reading and sharing are nothing but hysteric fear mongering to drive up page views and here’s why:

Every messaging app requests similar permissions – able to use SMS, camera, pictures, contact info, know when calls come etc for one reason: so it can work. You can’t send photos through the app without the app being able to access your camera or photos. Nor could you make voice calls through it without access to the microphone etc. You can’t call contacts without the app being able to know what their phone number is.

The reason these articles say “without permission” is that the app will ask the first time you try to do something (this is for iPhone, Android just accepts permission for all features in one approval) for permission to use that feature. Then it will not ask again. The “without permission” part comes in so they don’t have to ask you every single time you try to send a friend a picture of your cat through the Messenger app.

So if this “insanity” is too much for you then go ahead and uninstall almost every app on your phone since they all have permissions like this. You had better believe your beloved Snapchat can see your contacts and photos without your permission. Even games can see your call log, so they can pause the game when calls come in.

Bottom line: This is the Internet. People lie on the Internet. People will post anything for ad revenue. Do some research before losing your mind and screaming bloody murder in the streets.

One last note. If you’re upset that Facebook is splitting off the Messenger into its own app. Too bad. You don’t pay a dime for Facebook so you can’t say what they can and can’t do. Deal with it.

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